Consumers who are parents of young children often have the same paramount consideration when making a purchase, regardless of what that is – the safety of their offspring. One would choose the family car with the good safety record over the fast sports car, toys that are for the age group and so on… So what of holiday destinations? All travelers already have to consider the likes of crime rates and national security when choosing their trip, but with youngsters you must also think about whether the climate is right for them, or if there are natural hazards that could put them at risk. The following destinations are regarded as some of the safest in the world. Finding the safest holiday destinations for our family is easier than you think. Caxton FX can give currency solutions that also keep your money secure on your travels.

Some travel experts are prepared to give entire countries a thumbs up for safety. In various lists and reports, Europe’s Nordic nations – the likes of Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland – feature heavily.

This is largely due to low crime rates and track records of liberal politics and strong human rights. Incidents in Oslo and Stockholm during the past decade have shown that – as with anywhere – Scandinavia is not completely free from 21st safety record that such occurrences have come as such a shock to the global community.

Nestled between larger neighbors, Austria and Switzerland also enjoy a good reputation for public safety. Beyond Europe’s borders, both Canada and New Zealand offer an attractive blend of fresh air in the countryside and multiculturalism in the cities, while Singapore achieves a balance of being welcoming host while having strict rules that deter crime.

Long haul destinations are not within every family’s budget of course. And while historic cities, lakes, mountains, fjords and geysers will make for enriching experiences for young minds, sometimes all we want is a nice, relaxing, bucket and spade holiday.

Poetto beach

Causes for concern are few and far between on the Mediterranean, but one European beach destination that is regarded as being among the safest of them all can be found a little further west in the waters of the Atlantic.

The Portuguese archipelago of Madeira has it all when it comes to safety in the sun. It’s a sub tropical location, but there are no dangerous insects, bugs or snakes to worry about… and indeed no sharks. The climate is pleasant year round but never overbearing, and the crime rate is very low. Definitely worth a consideration for when you want a relaxing break in the sun with your little ones.

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Do you have any holiday destinations that you enjoy with your family during the holidays?

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