Are you confused about how to pack your entire house for relocation? Several professional movers can assist you in your transfer, local or international. The United Kingdom is a significant relocation center for most New Zealanders.

If you are moving from New Zealand to the UK, hiring professional help will make the process easier. According to a 2022 report, 60,000 New Zealanders live in the UK. Hence, there are various branches of moving services in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch.

Professional Movers

Shipping Services Offered By Professional Movers

Many prefer to take professional assistance to make their journey stress-free and smooth. The shipping costs from New Zealand to the UK start at NZD 83.68. Here are a few shipping services offered by a professional moving company.

Packing Your Belongings

You can completely pack your belongings with the help of movers, irrespective of your target location. They offer plastic protection bags for delicate furnishing. Hiring professionals has several perks, from mattress protector bags to specialty cartons. The shock-resistant poly bubble wrap gives added protection to your belongings.

Secure Overseas Moving

A reliable shipping service provides secure overseas moving. A few shipping modes from New Zealand to the UK are FCL Sea Freight, LCL Sea Freight, and Groupage Sea Freight. You can expect container loading and unload at the residence, reduced cost, faster transit, and a simplified customs clearance process.

Vehicles Shipping Options

You can easily move your car, bike, or trailer with the help of a professional moving company. You can transport anything from 4WDs to SUVs. The vehicle shipping services will do everything from filing a pre-shipment condition report to customs clearing the vehicle at the destination. You do not have to stress loading and securing your car or bike in a shipping container.

Pet Relocation Services

You can seek both local and international pet relocation assistance. The fully trained staff takes care of your pet and provides collection and delivery service. You can get information on the requirements for animal quarantine. There is easy access to pre-travel health checks and veterinary services with a professional relocation service.

Apart from these, a few other services are secure short-term and long-term storage solutions, furniture rental, foreign currency money transfer services, etc. That is possible even if you need help cleaning your home or decluttering. The New Zealand air and sea freight container services offer door-to-door shipping services to British cities like Manchester, Greater London, Glasgow, Liverpool, etc.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Moving Company

  • A relocation can make one suffer from mixed variants of anxiety. From mental pressure to physical injury, it can include much. However, having a professional by your side helps in a peaceful transfer.
  • Insurance is a crucial aspect of relocation that can only be achieved with the help of professional movers. They will give you the highest quality of protection required during transportation.
  • You can expect the service provider to perform teamwork to complete the task within a strict timeline. Their system of transportation and fixed vendors ensures a smooth transfer.
  • Packing the products is a great challenge during relocation. But having a professional will keep everything safe. They will organize all your belongings and pack them efficiently.

Final Thoughts

The net migration rate for New Zealand was 2.649 per 1000 population in 2022. It was a 4.54% decline compared to 2021. With these statistics, the need for professional movers is high.

Look for a reliable and experienced moving company with a bit of research. Ensure the service you choose is accredited and recognized. Having a professional service provider can make all the difference in your transfer.


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