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Changing something about your hair has to be one of the best ways to give your style an instant lift. It is faster than losing weight or changing your body tone, cheaper than getting a new wardrobe, and yet it has the same power to make everyone notice you in a whole new light! Whether you have been sporting the same style for years, have never tried a particularly drastic change, or are a hair chameleon looking for your next great look, a new year is a great time to reinvent your style with a dramatic change. Here are three approaches you can take (or do all three for maximum impact!).

Length and Shape

This definitely falls into the ‘don’t try this at home’ category, so you’ll need to hit the salon, but if you are interested in really changing the way you look, then a change of length or shape is a great approach. No, we don’t mean a trim, or taking off a few over-processed inches at the bottom. For a dramatic new look you need major change, and this means going from long, mid length or short to one of the others from that list! Going from long to mid or short is, of course, just a case of finding a good cut, getting it done, and rocking it, but if you want to go for longer hair you are going to need some help from extensions. Try wearing clip in extensions for a while to get used to the feel, and then consider going for a weave.

You can also consider interesting variations on your current length when it comes to shape, like an asymmetric cut, an undercut, of adding bangs.


Color is something you can change at home if you are brave, experienced in dying your own hair, or on a budget. For best results however, especially if you are going lighter or using permanent dye, the salon option is best. For a dramatic change you need to change your color noticeably, and going blonde from brunette or vice versa, or going for a red look, can be a great way to achieve it. However, there are also other options. There is a huge trend at the moment for artificially gray or silver hair, or you can try some beautiful dye effects like ombres using ‘crazy’ or unnatural colors. These dyes tend to be semi-permanent, so don’t worry that you’ll be stuck with bright blue hair forever!


If you’d rather not do anything as committed as dying or cutting your hair, and want something you can learn to do at home, then changing your hair’s texture is a good way to go. If you usually have your hair straight or slightly wavy, then learning how to curl it perfectly every time can give you a new look that you can turn on and off whenever you want! Alternatively, invest in some good straighteners and switch to a sleek, glossy and straight look. You need good tools to do this yourself so look for the best curling iron, heated curlers or straighteners at

All that is left is to choose what you want to do, get your new look, and enjoy the compliments!


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