One of the most important decisions you will make as a parent is choosing a pediatrician for your baby. This doctor will help you care for your child and ensure they are healthy and meeting all of the benchmarks of growing up.

Tips For Choosing a Pediatrician

However, you must find a pediatrician with who you are comfortable and that you trust. So, whether you’re searching for a pediatrician for your newborn or moving to a new area and need one for your older children, this guide can help you make your decision.

Check Their Credentials

Before you even step foot into a pediatrician’s office, check their credentials and make sure they have all of the degrees and certifications necessary to care for your child. Research what school they attended and if they specialize in certain areas of medicine.

It’s also important to see if they accept payments from pharmaceutical companies as well. Some doctors do make a bonus or commission if they prescribe certain medications, which is not what you want in a doctor for you or your child.

Read Reviews

With so many people wanting a voice online, there are plenty of places where you can write reviews about doctors. Before choosing your pediatrician, search for reviews from previous and current patients. This can give you some pretty good insight as to how well they treat their patients and if they are a good fit for you and your baby.

See If You Click

When you find a pediatrician that looks good online, it’s time to schedule an introductory appointment with them. This is a great chance to get to know their personality and ask any questions you may have about their experience and how they treat patients.

Usually, upon first meeting with them, you can tell whether or not you’ll get along with them. It’s important to hold similar values and views on health and medicine so you can both work together to care for your child.

How the Office Operates

Many doctor and pediatrician offices operate differently from each other. They have their own hours, routines, and ways of doing things. Some are more focused on the internal administration and structure, while others focus more on the patient’s experience, using market research from Research America and other surveys to improve their service.

Make sure their hours are convenient and find out how they handle emergency situations. You’ll also want to check their cleanliness and hygiene as well as the friendliness of the staff.


You’re going to be visiting your pediatrician at least a few times a year with illnesses, injuries, checkups, and getting your children vaccinated. So, make sure their office is in a convenient location for you. It should be near your home and your child’s school.

Check With Your Health Insurance

Another important aspect of finding the right pediatrician is that your health insurance covers the expenses. In fact, when you start searching for a pediatrician, ask your insurance to send over a list of ones in your network and in your area if possible. This will help narrow down your search greatly.


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