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Controlling Kid Clutter

Raising kids comes with a bit of clutter. If chaos reigns in your house, don’t despair. You can regain control with a few simple tips. You’re going to need to lay down some rules, find some new storage solutions, and maybe pony up a few dollars here and there to get some chores done, but in the end, you’ll be glad you did.

kid clutter

Tip #1:  No TV without Tidying

The first and most important tipis to lay down some rules. If you’re sick of picking up after careless kids, make sure they know the rules. When they get home from school, the first thing they should be doing is putting their things where they belong. It’s never too early to start making this demand, otherwise you could wind up picking up after them as teenagers.

Tip #2:  Only Keep Important School Papers

When your kids start coming home with assignments and homework, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. When they’re old enough, they’ll be responsible for whether or not they need to keep papers. In the meantime, it’s up to you to decide what to keep and what to recycle. Keep a close eye on what they need for studying, but otherwise, get over your fear of the recycling. Not every assignment needs to be cherished for decades.

Tip #3:  Find a Place for Everything

If you’re constantly telling your kids to put the same things away, it may be time to consider finding a better place for them. Great storage solutions for kids don’t have to be bright plastic bins. You can use cloth or wicker baskets for toys, clothes, school work, school bags, and everything else you wind up tripping over all day. There are a lot of great basket options that will fit with your home. Just make sure they’re within reach for kids.

Tip #4:  Coat Hooks and Foyer Nooks

You’re going to wind up with a lot of outerwear over the years. While you’ll need to be vigilant about cutting down on outgrown clothes, you’re also going to need plenty of coat hooks, especially during transitional seasons when the weather is always a guess. It also helps to give kids their own nooks in the foyer. They’re somewhere kids can keep their shoes, umbrellas, and school bag, and a place they know belongs to them.

Tip #5:  Start Paying Allowance for Chores

When kids get a bit older, they’re keen to have a bit of spending money for themselves. Make them work for it and get help tidying up the house along the way. From cleaning their own bedrooms to cleaning the bathroom, kids should start helping around the house, not just to take the weight off your shoulders, but to give them valuable life skills when they move out. They may not do things up to your standards, but the work will certainly make it easier when you deep clean.

With these tips, you’re well on your way to running a tidy house. You don’t need perfection, but that doesn’t mean your home has to be a free-for-all.


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