The entry to the party venue is the first impression of the event manager and decor bring the excitement and fun. As the guests wall though the hallway or the entrance of the site they are filled with pleasure and enjoy the event much more. The eye opening and unique ideas for making the entrance a grand entrance need a little creativity more than unlimited money.

decorating the entrance of party

Image Source: Wikimedia

Here are a few inspired and inventive ideas to follow and make the entrance unforgettable. The music and the walk will be exciting for the guests and they would show the delight in their participation. You can keep it in budget also.

Selecting the location

Select the hall or site with a hallway or passage that is a little narrow and long. It will lead to the hall where the event like reception or party is taking place.

The music beats

music beats

Image Source: Pixabay

Select the thrilling music beats that make people crazy and feeling lovely. They will grab the beat and it will electrify them to join the party and double the fun.

The lighting

fairy lighting

Image Source: Flickr

Other than the big flower pots at the both sides of the passage, the lighting strings or fairy lights is a wonderful idea. A layer coupled with flower string and a light string create great ambiance.


paper sprinkles

Image Source: Pexels

The sprinkling through the entrance can be energizing. It can be the rose petals or paper sprinkles in the balloons, colorful confetti and party poppers. You can select one that is suitable for your budget. Sparklers can also be used.


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