Tips for Family Vacation

A family vacation promises a chance to wind down, have fun, and make wonderful memories with your loved ones. Whether you want to visit the striking New Jersey beaches or any other top visitor spot listed on New Jersey Tourism, you will surely love every moment of your trip. It’s an opportunity to connect with your family in totally new environments, in situations you only ever dreamed of before. Just don’t forget the planning. I would suggest you do some online research first and read a New Jersey travel guide to learn a little about things to do in New Jersey, places you should visit and know the stuff you must pack for an indelible tour.

Pack Thoughtfully

It can be an arduous task, but packing – if done well – can save you a lot of time and money at your destination. Diapers may take up room but think of the space you’ll have on the return journey. First aid essentials like children’s pain reliever, cold medication, and adhesive bandages can be easily tucked into a corner of a bag. Sunscreen is useful, too.

Make sure to include all medical, identification, and insurance documents in your luggage. Depending on how active your plans are, consider getting travel insurance, which may also offer free coverage for children.

As part of the trip preparations, confirm that your room is child-friendly and stocked with the items you may need, such as a crib and feeding chair. If your family members are more independent, install tracking apps on their devices in case you become separated.

Dress for the Weather

Learn the forecast and pack appropriate clothing. If your vacation is during winter, there could be lots of snow, so kids will need warm, water-resistant garments and shoes. Pack cotton pieces and plenty of swimsuits for a summer trip.

Know the Road Rules

If you intend to drive, it’s important to be familiar with the road rules. For example, did you know that all youths from 8 to 18 years old must wear seat belts, and that children under 9 years old and weighing less than 80 pounds are required to have a booster or car seat.

And then there are the jughandles. These are ramps on the right side of a road or highway for drivers turning left. This can be confusing at first and if you’re unused to them, you’re likely to take some unexpected detours before reaching the final destination. If in doubt, cycling is always an option.

Be Conscious of Water Safety

There are many lakes and ocean shores to explore in New Jersey. Young ones are often drawn to the water, and with that comes a drowning risk. It is recommended that you keep a diligent watch over your kids, and anyone else with you who can’t swim, near bodies of water, including hotel swimming pools. Life vests are the safest choice for children who aren’t strong swimmers.

Prepare for Encounters With Critters

There are many beautiful hikes boasting scenic mountain vistas in the Garden State. Outdoor adventures increase your chances of encountering local wildlife. Black bears have been reported in all counties. Bobcats, coyotes, and rattlesnakes are present as well. In the warmer months, mosquitoes and ticks are also known to bother humans.

Another tip is to check out the state’s public safety and security site. It contains a list of services, crisis centers, and emergency assistance phone numbers, all in the one place. The most important thing to remember, however, is to relax and enjoy your family break in the Garden State.

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