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Four Tips to Keep Your Home Secure While You Are Out Holiday Shopping

Shopping for holiday gifts is an experience that many people look forward to. While you are hunting for the perfect gifts for friends and family, it is important to make sure that you take the time to keep your self safe, but also make sure your home is as safe as it can be while you are away. Use the following guide to learn a few tips to ensure that your home stays secure while you are out and about this holiday season.

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Have a Security System Installed

When you are out shopping, you need to be sure that no one can gain entry into your home without your knowledge. Having a security system installed with monitoring by ADT will ensure that the authorities are alerted right away if someone breaks into your home. Many people are choosing to invest in the security systems that allow them to have remote access, so that they can activate it from their phones after they leave. This is great for times when you are not sure if you activated it before running out to get the latest deals.

Keep All Access to Your Home Secure When Out and About

When you are out shopping, it is important to take the time to keep all access to your home secure by keeping your GPS and garage door remote hidden out of sight when parked in a parking lot. There are times when thieves will break into a car, steal the GPS and the garage door remote. They will use the GPS for guided directions to your home and then use the garage door remote to gain access to your garage and possibly your home, if the door to the interior of your home is not secured.

Stay Off of Social Media Until You Are Home

It can be tempting to brag about the deals you got or share a deal you think others would be interested in, but it is best to wait to post until you are home. If someone sees that you are out shopping on your news feed, they’ll know that your home is empty and, depending on if you share your location, they will know how long it will be before you will be home. Waiting to post will ensure that no one knows when you are and are not at home to lower the chances of a break in.

Keep Your Phone Secure at All Times

If you do have a security system that works remotely, be sure to keep a lock on your phone to ensure that no one can gain access to your personal information, including the security system app, if you lose your phone. If you lose your phone, you immediately need to report the loss to your phone company, to see if they can track it, and the security company, so that they can change the passcode to your security system.

Shopping for the holidays should be a lot of fun. Doing everything you can to make sure that your home is secure and that the items are protected will make the experience even more enjoyable, because you will not have to worry about replacing anything or feel nervous that something may be going on at home while you are out shopping.





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