It is a common sight today seeing children wear eye glasses bigger than themselves. Why? Because their eyes might be getting too much strain  due to studying in the dark or they stare relentlessly at computer screens. Additionally, they might not be taking proper nutrition and under going regular eye checkups. All these things can affect their eyesight in a big way. As a parent you should be worried and help your children protect their vision by following these simple tips.

Tips to Protect Your Child’s Eyesight

Tips to Protect Your Child’s EyesightImage Source: Flickr

1.  Proper Lights While Studying

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Like every parent, you also want your children to flourish. It gives you a great pride when they outshine in academic performance. But behind these good results are the eyes constantly fixated on the books. During studies, children are usually unaware of the lighting conditions around them,but you should care.

Studying in too dim or too harsh lights can cause eye strain, so avoid the use of excessive bulbs and fluorescent lights. Also, shut the drapes to prevent the harsh sunlight rays from coming in the study area. The perfect lighting for study should be ambient like we normally see in the office rooms.

2.  Regular Eye Checkup

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When children fine trouble in seeing, they don’t often complain. You should remain vigilant and spot the obvious symptoms such as squinting or not able to see far away. Talk to your children about their reading or tracking problems. Immediately see an eye doctor when you find something peculiar going on. Make sure to take your child for an eye check up on a regular basis (after a year is mostly recommended).

Eyes exercises areas much essential as physical workouts. Frequent blinking helps eye muscles to relax and prevent irritation. Falling asleep slowly by blinking your eyes 10 times every 20 minutes and then closing them for a while is yoga for the eyes.

3.  Right Nutrient Intake

Healthy habits always start with the healthy diet. Take care of your child’s eyesight by taking care of their nutrition. Green vegetables like spinach, broccoli and kale are not much liked by children. Convert these healthy veggies into yummy foods, so that your children don’t even realize what they are eating. They possess vitamins like A, C and B12 along with calcium to naturally improve the eyesight.

Nuts and fish contain omega-3 fatty acids that energize the brain, which indirectly strengthens the vision. The power fruit, avocado is rich in lutein, which prevents eye diseases like cataracts in kids. So, provide them right foods for a sharp sight.

4.  Minimize Digital Eye Strain

Minimize Digital Eye StrainImage Source: Flickr

Children of today get acquainted with modern tech gadgets at a very early age. This makes them experts of smart devices, but this has its consequences. It promotes digital eye strain (DES), otherwise known as computer vision syndrome. It is commonly reported because of the digital tech exposure that modern age children get into. The eyes get red, dry and itchy by staring at the computer screens all day long.

Make your children wear computer glasses to increase contrast between letters and backgrounds. Make sure they sit up straight and do not slouch while using computers. And if you haven’t done so, upgrade your CRT display screens to LCD screens that have an anti-reflective surface.

Also make sure to adjust your computer display settings (brightness, text size, contrast and color temperature) so that your children’s eyes do not feel a lot of stress.





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