Everyone dreams about traveling. Visiting new countries inspires, broadens world outlook, makes us going out of the comfort zone, allows to touch the most beautiful and valuable pieces of human’s heritage. You may think, that I’m teasing you, describing profits of one of the most expensive hobby.

7 Ways to Travel Smarter

Believe me; exploring foreign cultures is not as costly and luxurious as most people think. While you’re watching TV-programs and shows about traveling, millions of enthusiasts make their plans come true with minimal costs. Do you wonder, how? We’ll tell you 7 cheapest ways to realize the trip of your dreams.

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1.  Refuse of Agencies’ Service

Travel agencies work for making money. You pay them for booking flights and hotels, organizing the excursions and other piece of cake, so that you could get rid of routine. It is far cheaper to do this yourself, besides, when you organize the tour directly, you can be sure in your own choice.

2.  Save on Flights

For most of the countries, flights are extremely expensive part of journey. Using Sky scanner service helps you to find the low cost flights in the shortest period. Moreover, if you have enough time, we recommend you to choose indirect routes and multiple destination flights.

3.  Avoid High Season

Save your summer vacation or Christmas holidays for another occupation. Don’t follow the trivial tourist paths in the high seasons like those, remember about supply and demand correlation. In addition, you will enjoy the most popular showplaces in peace and quiet, with no crowds and queues.

4.  Chose ‘Cheap’ Countries

Some countries and cities are expensive to visit: Scandinavia, Australia, luxurious resorts will eat your budget immediately. Save these routes for future and visit cheap, but extremely picturesque places:

  • Europe: Greece, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Portugal;
  • Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India;
  • South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala.
  • Africa: Egypt, RSA, Kenya

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5.  CouchSurfing

The most popular alternative to costly and faceless hotels. CouchSurfing is a perfect way to save budget and get closer with your destination. Living in a house of counties’ residents helps to meet new friends all over the globe. Moreover, they may give you advice and make an excursion if they have time. The accommodation is 100% free and safe; it only requires inviting other travelers at your home in future.

6.  Hitchhiking

The oldest way to travel for free. If you want to visit more places inside a country, this is what you need. It is especially common and safe in Scandinavia, Central and North America, Eastern Europe and Australia. So if you still decided to visit expensive destination, hitchhiking is good for further saving.

7.  Eating Local

Forget about worldwide fast-food franchises. It’s not only costly, but loosens the brightness of your foreign experience. Trying local cuisines may be the most delightful and extreme part of the journey.

Still think that voyages may ruin your financial prosperity? Start following these tips and get rid of silly prejudice.






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