Trying to juggle work and family commitments can be a real challenge and any help you can get as a parent to make thing easier and more organized, has to be worth a second look.

There are a number of apps for your smartphone that could help reduce the stress levels and get your list of things to do under greater control.

Here is a look at some of those apps that are aimed at helping you keep your family and work life balanced, including an option to help get the kids fed and watered, a business tool to reduce your admin time, plus a way to get max value from your kid’s clothing and other items.

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No Time to Cook?

It is amazing how even a well-planned day can quickly unravel and before you know it the kids are back from school and you haven’t had the chance to get the evening meal sorted.

Eating out at a restaurant can get expensive, but it is a nice treat and a real saver when you haven’t had the time to cook anything yourself. A good solution would be to use an app that helps you find where all the best deals are to feed your kids without busting the budget.

Kids Eat Free lets you know which restaurants in your area are offering deals and promotions so you can cut the cost of eating out and might even be able to find a place where kids eat for free, which is a real no-brainer option when you haven’t got the time to cook after a hectic day.

Business On the Go

If you run a business alongside your parenting duties it makes sense to find some options that help you get all your work tasks done as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that you can then spend more time with the family.

If you want an invoicing, expenses, and payroll option on your smartphone, the Wave app could be just what you are looking for.

This app is popular with small business owners as it makes it easy to send someone an invoice using your phone or keep track of your expenses, as well as a number of other useful features.

Using an app like this could help cut your business hours down by simplifying some regular tasks, which means more time with the kids than catching up with paperwork.

Useful Networking for Parents

You don’t need to be told how expensive it is to raise your kids and they grow out of things so quickly that you often don’t get your money’s worth when you buy new every time.

You might want to think about Varage Sale as a worthwhile alternative. This app puts you in touch with other parents locally so you can buy and sell unwanted items between each other.

Connecting with other busy moms and either bagging a bargain or getting some cash for an item you no longer need, will keep your family budget under control. Get the app and see who else is in your area that you can network with and might have just what you are looking for, without having the hassle of going to the mall to get it.

Time for a Break

If you need some downtime and fancy taking the kids for a trip, Trekaroo is a useful app for working parents to use when planning and budgeting for a family trip.

You might also want to click here to download a weather app, so you can check whether you might need some sun protection or an umbrella might be more appropriate.

Family life is always going to be hectic and even a bit chaotic, which is why a few well-chosen apps might help to lighten the load a bit.



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