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When you book Singapore airlines flight tickets online in India, do you hope that you would be one of those rare solo travelers who conquer the world in their traveling shoes? Have you been surfing through the websites of the travel giants like Yatra to get a glimpse of the breathtaking places that you must visit when you step inside the territory of Singapore? Well, visiting Singapore is definitely a brilliant choice especially when you can book Singapore airlines flight tickets online in India at an affordable rate. However, what if you could explore Europe all by yourself in the same budget? Would it not be an exciting trip?

Visit In Spain

visit in Spain

To make this dream of yours come true, this article will give you an insight into the popular places in Spain that you must visit to feel the true essence of not only the Spanish culture but also the fun and excitement of solo traveling.

  • The Brilliant Barcelona: Lionel Messi has left no stone unturned to make sure that as soon as a child starts speaking, the Football Club de Barcelona’s jersey becomes his or her favourite Christmas present. And, since this craze regarding the battles on the football field resides in the heart of almost every individual, it becomes necessary for the tourist visiting Spain to at least pay respect to the soil that has given rise to some of the greatest footballers in the world. Embedded and decorated in a Gothic style of architecture that has a local touch to it, Barcelona surely knows how to throw a party to its tourists. With the pubs and cafés at every corner to give company to the lonely travelers, solo traveling would be an advantage in this city.
  • The Majestic Madrid: Well, Barcelona is perhaps not the only city that draws fans from all over the world. In fact, Madrid gives Barcelona a tough competition not only in terms of football but also in terms of the exotic Spanish cuisine. Madrid houses some of the finest restaurants in town that serve both traditional and exotic dishes from all over the world. Hence, after a long day of trekking or sight-seeing in Madrid, a hearty meal at these restaurants is a must.
  • The Iconic Ibiza: What if you are a solo traveler because you are single? What if you are looking for a partner who shares the same interests as yours so that you both can enjoy traveling down the lanes of every place on the earth together? If you are really looking for a partner, you must visit Ibiza. With the sea beaches providing you the splendid opportunity to indulge in water sports and the nightclubs throwing the finest parties in the world, you have to visit Ibiza to live the real enjoyment!
  • The Lovely La Palma: How would you feel when you realise that the air that you are breathing has just escaped from the mouth of a volcano? Strange, right? In Spain, the Lovely La Palma would feel exactly the same. As you walk down the winding lanes of this ancient town, the Santa Cruze de La Palma Port would appear out of nowhere to blind you with its majestic appearance. And, what can be more interesting than sipping the finest wines in the world and dancing Flamenco at the local pub at night?

This is probably the reason why it is very difficult to stay away from Spain. Yes, it is definitely true that not everything comes for free there, however, nobody can stop you from exploring the country on your own and writing your own tales as per your own experience once you return home, right? And, when you imagine how your friends would stare at you wide-eyed when you share your experiences with them, you definitely would not be able to stop yourself from setting out on a solo trip to Spain.




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