family movies for rainy week nightsIf the rain is pouring down and the kids are complaining about being stuck inside all day, a great option to perk the whole family up is to watch a DVD. When it comes to picking the perfect rainy day flick though, the choices are long and varied, and depend on the age of your youngsters.

From action-packed adventure movies, to laugh-a-minute comedies, or feel-good animations, there are many family movies you can buy that will keep parents and kids of all ages amused. No matter your preferences, you’ll easily find a top-quality movie to enjoy when you’re cooped up inside for a while. Read on for just a sample of recent family-friendly movies you can add to your list.

1. “Guardians of the Galaxy”

A recent release on DVD, “Guardians of the Galaxy” is the perfect movie for comic book and fantasy fans, and is suitable for kids aged 13 years and over (the film is classified as PG-13). “Guardians of the Galaxy” is one of the most recent movie adaptations of Marvel comics, and follows in the successful footsteps of other superhero flicks as “Iron Man,” “Thor,” “The Avengers,” and “Captain America.”

While it was seen by many as a risky film to make, since it introduces movie fans to some lesser-known Marvel heroes, in actual fact “GoTG” has become one of the studio’s most successful flicks to date. In fact, the sequel was announced before the first one was even out at the cinema.In the current space-based film, the Marvel universe has expanded its setting into the cosmos, and sees loner, human adventurer Peter Quill being hunted by ruthless “bad guys” after he steals a mysterious orb from someone else. Quill is played by Chris Pratt, whose voice people might recognize after he voiced lead character in the other surprisingly successful film of 2014, “The Lego Movie.”

In order to survive, the brash space explorer has to align himself with a group of misfits who all have their own agendas. This alliance is played by an all-star cast, with Zoe Saldana as the enigmatic Gamora; Vin Diesel voicing the tree-like humanoid named Groot; and Bradley Cooper voicing Rocket the raccoon.

The band of new “friends” must quickly join forces and support each other in order to stop the galaxy-destroying power of the stolen orb from getting into the wrong hands. Full of action, cool visual effects, camaraderie, romance, drama, and more, this zany movie will keep both kids and adults glued to their chairs.

2. “Maleficent”

Another popular and recent film suitable for family-night movie marathons is “Maleficent.” Based on the classic tale of “Sleeping Beauty,” and created by Walt Disney Pictures, this film’s storyline revolves around the untold story of the villain in the original film, played by actress Angelina Jolie.

In the film, Maleficent is shown as a woman who was once young and pure-hearted, and committed to protecting the harmony of her land. However, when she is ruthlessly betrayed by someone close to her, she begins to change. The film explores how the once lovely Maleficent’s drive for revenge turns her into a villain instead of the hero she once was. This leads her to place a curse on the king’s newborn daughter Aurora.

Played by actress Elle Fanning, Aurora grows into a young woman who is stalked by Maleficent. Over time, however, Maleficent begins to realize that the girl may in fact hold the key to peace in the kingdom, as well as to the happiness that has long eluded her.

The Fault In Our Stars3. “The Fault in Our Stars”

If you have a teenager you may very likely be familiar with the novels of New York Times’ bestselling author John Green. His writing is adored by teens (and adults) around the world, in particular for the popular novel “The Fault in Our Stars.”

The movie adaptation of the million-copy book was released late last year and has proven to be a hit with people of all ages. A moving and powerful film, it has a little bit of everything — romance, drama, comedy, and action. “TFiOS” studies the lives and loves of two unconventional, super-smart teenagers dealing with cancer and all of its consequences, including oxygen tanks, hospitals, and lives changed forever.

The plot revolves around two main characters, Hazel Grace (played by “Divergent” actress Shailene Woodley) and Augustus (played by Ansel Elgort, also seen in the same sci-fi series) who meet at a cancer support group. Over time they get to know one another, and end up turning each other’s lives upside down in the best possible way.

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