Who does not like to pamper their kids a little? Yes, our love for our children and kids is often expressed through our pampering. And who denies that gifts are the best way to pamper the little hearts? But when it is already common to bring them gifts like foodies, toys, garments, designer objects, etc not many parents can think of offering them the unusual gift of furniture. Yes, furniture as gift idea are still not popular but is certainly worthwhile considering the huge value addition they make in the life of kids. Actually, the comfort of a new bed or the overwhelming look and feel of a new stylish desk are enough to bowl a child over and will invariably become a lasting memory. So, pampering your loved children with a beautiful piece of furniture is not a bad idea.

Here we are going to introduce 5 furniture ideas for a memorable gift to your loved kids.

Top Furniture Gifts

1.  A Convertible Crib

It is something every parent should think over and over again. When your child is still a cute baby and you need to buy a new crib for him, it is better to buy a convertible one. As the name suggests, it can easily be converted to a longer bed as your child grows up.

Obviously, with the passing years it is natural for the little one to outgrow the crib size. But instead of worrying as how to accommodate the child in the bed, you can just enlarge the bed to meet the size requirement with convertible bed as and when required.

A convertible bed is something that lasts for years and when your child will grow up, he will invariably be thankful for such a lovely comfy bed that accompanied all his childhood years.

2.  Kid’s Sofa With a Toy Storage Underneath

Kids have an uncanny knack of messing up the room all over with playthings and toys. Number of times you have tried to teach your kid about tidying things up but hardly it had any visible result in their behavior. This time just bowl them out with a nice gift that can make them incredibly happy while allowing them tidying their toys in a place.

Yes, kid’s sofa with a hidden underneath storage is a nice idea as a furniture for kid’s room. A beautiful comfy sofa with bright hue is itself inviting in look and feel. A sofa is a kind of comfort seating every kid likes, especially when you buy a piece with a design and colour that catches their imagination. The underneath storage space comes as an extra boost and make them storing all their toys in one place.

3.  Kid’s Desk Cum Bunk Bed

Now that your kid has grown up and started studying, any furniture that adds to his new lifestyle is valuable. This is also the time when a child should be brought up in a manner so that he feels attached to his study almost all the time. On the other hand being able to access books and study materials close in hand is an extra motivation for the kid. All these can be nicely addressed with a nice piece of furniture like kid’s desk cum bunk bed.

Yes, it can be a surprise gift to your little kid to make him feel important a little more. With a bunk bed overhead and a nice little desk underneath, the place will transform as his own little corner and he will feel more responsible for study and lifestyle. It is also a way to groom kids with a sense of individuality way before they actually grow up as an adult.

4.  Height Adjustable Chairs

Your little daughter always likes to seat on chairs alongside adults but her little feets just cannot manage the height. Maybe, as she is growing up she is becoming more reluctant to seat on parents lap. Well, this time present her a height adjustable chair allowing her to sit independently.









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