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Top Ways to Keep Your Garden Secure this Summer

Ah, summer: the season of barbecues and garden parties. When you spend time in your garden, it’s good to know you’re in a safe outdoor environment that is secured against thieves and trespassers.

Securing your Shed

Sheds are great places to store big bulky items that won’t fit inside your house, like bicycles, power tools and gardening equipment. Unfortunately, garden sheds are a prime target for thieves and burglars because of the likelihood they will house valuable items they can sell on. The most determined thieves may make it past thin wooden walls, but there are ways of deterring them:

Secure the Windows:

Secure the Door:

Weigh down your Bicycles:

Gates and Fencing

Good quality heavy-duty hinges and locks are essential to keep your garden secure in the first instance. Don’t make it easy for thieves and intruders by putting in more than one lock. Put bolts on the top and bottom of your gate as well as a padlock in the middle. Check out Barrier Components for a comprehensive range.

Keep your boundary fencing and gate the same height, and preferably at the standard height of 6′ tall for the back garden, and 4′ for the front. (Unless your garden borders public access routes, in which case 6′ 6″ is standard.) You may require planning permission for anything higher, however, you can put trellises or wire at the top for extra security.

Finally: Planting, Gravel and Garden Furniture

Tall hedges and spiky shrubs are good for border foliage to deter thieves; having these as well as tall fencing is great for security. If you have freestanding plant pots, or garden furniture such as tables and chairs, add extra security measures like ground bolts to keep them where you want them. Try out a gravel around the perimeter of your house as the noise puts of burglars.

Follow these simple tips to keep your garden secure this summer and the fruits of your labor will be yours to enjoy and relax in securely.

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