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Trending Beauty Routines

With the incredible amount of beauty products that come out every day, it can be hard to figure out what really works and what’s just a scam! This simple guide should make it a little easier to help you sift through it all and find out what trending beauty routines actually work.

Trend One: The removal of annoying skin tags has long plagued many people, but this product makes it all a little easier. The H-Skin Tags Formula is a natural form of skin tag removal that doesn’t cause scarring! You can even use it on sensitive areas like the underarms, folds of the groin, and the stomach. It works by absorbing into the skin tags and gently flaking them away. Simply apply it with a cotton swab or your finger and you’ll see results within a week or two!

Trend Two: Skincare is going cellular! In 2014, Dr. Brandt has come out with a skincare line that not only helps reduce the signs of aging, but also even prevents future signs of aging at a cellular level. The Dr. Brandt DuoPearl technology causes the skin cells to behave like they did when the skin was younger which halts the breakdown of skin at a cellular level. Most people who have used these products have said they saw changes in their skin within four weeks of use. The Do Not Age line of products includes a transforming pearl serum, eye cream, neck cream, and full kit including all of these supplies.

Trend Three: Getting beautiful, controlled hair is always in and hair mousse is making its comeback. Mousse adds texture and volume to all hair types and makes it infinitely easier to achieve runway looks. Apply the mousse to the roots of damp hair to achieve big, volumized hair-dos. Blow dry your hair and style it, that volume will give your look an extra kick. Big puffy hair is in this season so pick up some mousse at the local drugstore or beauty supply store. You can get it just about anywhere!

Trend Four: Oil based serums are the biggest thing in skincare this year. Although putting oil on your skin to clear it up may seem a little counterproductive, it’s actually one of the best things you can do! Using oils restores your skin to natural radiance by keeping moisture levels normal and minimizing wrinkles. A great product in this trend is the Vitamin C serum from One Love Organics. Their product includes a combination of A, C, D, and E, antioxidants, and fatty acids Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9.

Trend Five: There’s been a rise in ordinary, every day makeup products being made with great skincare benefits. Products like BB Creams contain anti-aging benefits and there are even skin perfecting concealers that add a little extra something. This is quickly becoming the norm, as shown by theBalm’s Time Balm concealer. Many cosmetics companies are now turning to dermatologists for tips on how to make their products even more beneficial.

Trend Six: In the world of makeup, there are always tons of new trends every season. According to pro makeup artist Diane Kendal, the latest in foundation application is to apply your makeup as normal, then top it with moisturizer and pat with a tissue. This gives the foundation a more matte look and it becomes less obvious that you’re wearing a full face of makeup. You can pick up a moisturizer at your local drugstore or beauty supply store; there are even medicated moisturizers that can help with acne!

Trend Seven: Want to make your eyes pop even more? Use a bit of white liner on your lower lash line or inner corners to draw attention your eyes. You can get wonderful white eyeliner from Nyx at your local Ulta or drugstore. Using this liner will make your eyes look bigger and draw attention to whatever makeup you have going on on your upper lid.

Trend Eight: Get a smoothing balm to achieve sleek hair. The latest in ponytails is a smooth, streamlined look free of bumps. Working a smoothing balm, like the Bumble and bumble’s Brilliantine, into your hair helps you slick it back into a smooth and simple ponytail. Great for those lazy hair days!

The influx of beauty trends each season can feel a little overwhelming, but hopefully this guide has helped you make an informed decision on where you’ll spend your money this year!


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