Hosting a kids birthday party can be pretty stressful. Not only do these occasions only roll around once a year, but you’ll also need to consider your budget, all while choosing a theme that will be remembered.

Suppose your child already has their heart set on a particular theme. In this case, you’ll have more direction and clarity when picking out decor, snacks, and party invites. On the other hand, suppose your little one is too small to have a preference or doesn’t really know what kind of party they want. In this case, choosing a theme from the top trending ideas is a great idea.

So, we’ve rounded up the most trending kids’ party themes to simplify things for you.



An underwater birthday party theme is suitable for all genders, and this mythical theme setting can give guests a refreshing break from real life for just a moment.

Finding the right decor will be effortless as well; you’ll only need some fish, seaweed silhouettes, and bubbles. Blue and white balloons are also essential. Consider blue jelly with gummy octopus or fish toppings, assorted dum dums pops, mermaid tail cupcakes, watermelon treats, and starfish sandwiches when picking out snacks.

Beachfront Bliss

Almost everyone loves the beach, which might be why this longstanding birthday party theme has been trending for years.

A beachfront atmosphere offers guests a fresh feeling while the kids are entertained in decorative sandboxes, a splash pool, and inflatable beach toys.

In terms of the menu, consider mermaid ice cream, blue jelly cups, shark cupcakes, and an assortment of summer fruits.

Into The Woods


The woods can be a magical place where fairies hide and mythical creatures lure. This birthday party theme is also pretty easy to pull off; you’ll need some tree cutouts, plastic vines, fairy lights, and hanging decorations that boast the beauty of mother nature.

You can opt for a chocolate cake with log decoration, Oreo biscuits, colorful sugar bloom sweets, popcorn, forest berries, and pretzel sticks. With this, decorate the table with real mint foliage and a few carefully placed acorns.

Colorful Carnival


carnival or circus theme has always been a top choice for kids’ party themes. As a result, finding suitable decor and entertainment will be extremely straightforward.

All you will need is an assortment of colorful balloons, a popcorn stand, a photo booth, colorful puzzle flooring, bright table decor, and perhaps a clown or two.

Snacks for a carnival party are also exceptionally effortless. Opt for popcorn, candy floss, corn dogs, pretzels, ice cream, and other carnival treats.

Outer Space


Outer space is another magical party theme perfectly suitable for all genders. With this, it’s a great idea to host the party within a large covered space so that you can dim the lights and decorate the ceiling with lights that resemble stars. You should also include some planetary hanging decor.

When choosing the right theme for your little one’s kids birthday party , it’s essential to consider your child’s preferences, your budget, a snack menu, the venue, and a suitable date to accommodate guests.


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