Summer time has passed us by. Instead of warm drinks by the pool, it’s now pumpkin spice lattes in the park. It’s also the perfect time to take a vacation with the family. Prices are low, and if you go south you can still find warm weather. Here’s why, instead of your “typical” family vacation, you should go on a cruise this fall instead. Maybe somewhere warm and wonderful like the Caribbean.

The cost

Raising kids is expensive, that’s for certain. You want to give them everything, but, unfortunately, the bills that come in every month tend to say otherwise. A family vacation builds memories, which is why they’re so important, especially when the children are young. The benefit of a cruise is that it’s essentially an all-inclusive vacation on a ship. Your meals, lodging, and entertainment are all included in the cost of the ticket. There may be a few extra expenses (alcohol, spa trips, etc.), but you can steer clear of these costs. And since it’s down season for cruise lines, you can snag tickets at a low price.

They are made for families

There’s a reason why a lot of cruise ships have a few water slides on their decks, and it’s not just the warm weather of a Caribbean Cruise experience. They’re designed for family holidays, with games and activities for the kids, and buffets and spas for the parents. So many things are going on for the kids that you could keep them busy for the whole day and not see them until night! This gives parents space to have quality time with each other, something that is sometimes lacking in everyday life. Once the day is done, families can bond over the nightly entertainment. Acrobats are impressive enough in real life, but it’s even more impressive when acrobats are dancing on the stage on a boat!

You choose how far to travel

Who doesn’t want to swim in the Caribbean ocean, with a fruity drink awaiting you? But, flights are expensive. With a cruise, you can go to these exotic destinations with the family at a fraction of the cost. A Caribbean cruise can take you to places like the Bahamas, Barbados, Puerto Rico, or the Dominican Republic, all in one trip!

Image by Sam Howzit, used under Creative Commons license
Image by Sam Howzit, used under Creative Commons license

A cruise really is the perfect family holiday. It’s safe, inexpensive, and you can see many exotic destinations in one trip. So take some time off work and make some memories with your family. Would you rather have a pumpkin spice latte, or a Mai Tai on the beach?

Antonia Garris is a mom of four, holiday junkie, and cocktail lover. Her favorite cruise destinations are the Caribbean and Europe.


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