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Turn On Some White Noise For Your Baby

White NoiseAfter giving birth, and brining home our little bundle of joy, we quickly realized that our baby loved to cry. We would change him, feed him, hold him but when it came time for him to sleep he would just lay there and cry. We had tried a pacifier but baby Sean couldn’t figure out how to hold it in his mouth and would continually spit it out. A few weeks after we were home with our crying baby boy my mom came by with a Sleep Sheep. Isn’t it adorable?! After seven months we are still using this white noise sleep sheep. Turn on some white noise for your baby and you’ll see what I mean.

I found out after doing some reading that babies should listen to white noise until they are at least 1. When white noise is played at the right volume it reduces stress and helps baby fall asleep and stay asleep longer. I came to learn that my baby was just overly tired and that’s why he would cry relentlessly. As soon as I turned on the noise machine he fell fast asleep.  I read that white noise also reduces active sleep which is the sleep state where SIDS is more likely to occur. I look at this adorable sleep sheep as our saving grace. Once this little sheep came into our lives we finally got to start enjoying our baby because we were able to finally get some sleep ourselves.

I didn’t want baby Sean getting addicted to the white noise and a few people I talked to told me that it was a possibility. So every so often I decrease the volume a little. By the time baby Sean turns 1 he should be weaned off the white noise.

To all my new mom friends out there, if you’re having a hard time getting your baby to sleep, definitely consider some sort of sound machine. Turn on some white noise for your baby so you can get some rest.

I have no connection to sleep sheep. This is not a review post. I posted about my experience with sleep sheep on my own accord.

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