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Generally, people pay more attention to their bedrooms and living rooms, as they are the places to relax. However, your kitchen needs some renovation too. A good kitchen vibe can reflect in the food you prepare. Follow these 7 great ideas to update your kitchen while staying in budget.

1.  Modern Kitchen Wallpapers

kitchen wallpapersImage Source: Flickr

Scrap the idea of using traditional tiles in the kitchen. Instead, class it up by modern looking wallpapers that are also cheaper in price and look fancier than tiles. You can opt for a simple wallpaper to maintain the sophistication of the kitchen or go for the printed ones to make it more fun and lively. There’s no restriction to what type of shades should be used in a kitchen, but a preferable option is to use lighter tones. Kitchen has a lot of cooking and heating going on a daily basis, therefore using a dark interior can increase the temperature much further causing discomfort.

2.  Contrasting Kitchen Appliances

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Kitchen appliances play a great role in modernizing the space. You can use the ones that blend in with your kitchen’s interior or the ones that stand out. Black stainless steel appliances pop well against the white interior. If you don’t want to buy new appliances, then a much cheaper option is to upgrade your existing appliances with contact paper or appliance paint.

3.  Accessorize Your Kitchen

kitchen accessoriesImage Source: Pixabay

If you don’t want any heavy-duty renovation, but still aspire to make a modern statement with your kitchen, you can update your kitchen accessories. It’s easy to stay in the budget and purchase a wooden knife stand than to renew a whole counter. Wooden spoons set, decorative magnets, paper towel dispenser and other little things can make a huge difference in your kitchen’s appearance.

4.  A Stylish Hood to Match Kitchen Interior

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Range hoods are now compulsory part of every modern kitchen, as they help in the ventilation of air. Kitchen is a hub of steam, heat and smoke, so it’s important to have a hood to keep the atmosphere breathable. If your kitchen has a high ceiling, use the space to build a hood as an architectural element that is both, functional and appealing.

5.  Greenery Always Does the Trick

Where there are plants, there is life. Why not bring that life inside your kitchen? Use pots by the window sill or hanging planters to make the interior sing. You can also use the idea of having a kitchen garden indoors by planting micro herbs in pots. Later on, the herbs can be plucked fresh and tossed right into your pan.

6.  Give a Splash of Colors

Colorful kitchens enhance the fun in cooking. Paint your shelves and cabinets in contrasting tones that complement each other. You can also glass paint the kitchen lights to avoid the need of painting; just turn them on and everything will automatically appear colored. Making a kitchen colorful only requires your imagination and a very less expenditure. Place colorful pieces and crockery to have that eye-catching dispersion of colors. Consider using an open top shelf to place multicolored decoration pieces without revealing other less attractive stuff inside the shelf.

7.  Good Lighting to Bring Everything to Life

lighting in kitchenImage Source: Pixabay

Lighting is a great decorative element that adds brightness to the space. During the day, the sunlight is enough, but as the night falls you need the radiance of a chandelier or pendant lights. Here are some DIY ideas that can help you to set up the perfect lighting for your kitchen.




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