Many people spend much of their time at home in the living room. This is why deciding on how to upgrade and/or refresh its outlook could be a herculean task. You don’t have to have a massive budget before you can achieve a great look for your living room. Here are ten cost-effective ways to refresh and upgrade your living room.

1. Rethink The Wall Painting

Wall Painting

Giving your room a good look starts from the wall color. As a matter of fact, it could give your room an instant new look. Consider choosing a color that resonates how you want to feel in the room. Cool colors, for instance, have been linked to the feeling of a room being spacious and restful.

2. Decluttering And Proper Storage

Decluttering And Proper Storage

Clutter can affect how people feel when they sit in their living room. In most cases, if the living room is messy, you are likely to feel overwhelmed and stressed. To refresh your room, start by getting rid of items you don’t need. Also, get appropriate storage materials for things you will need in the living room. You can make use of unused containers to store children’s toys or other items instead of having them scattered around.

3. Refresh The Air

Refresh The Air

A living room should be well ventilated. It is meant to be a place to relax and feel at home. Upgrade the air quality in the living room with an air purifier to remove contaminating particles such as dust. Research the best home air purifier for your space to improve the air quality—even with the windows closed.

Having plants and flowers can also purify the air in a room. So if you have yet to add them in, now is the best time. Flowers not only help purify the air but also create a calming atmosphere – you can find a selection of roses for delivery and have them sent to you for convenience.

4. Add/Upgrade Artworks

AddUpgrade Artworks

Artworks can help upgrade the look of your room especially if it looks bare. Paintings on the wall and drawings hung over the mantel can make the heart of any visitor sing whenever they see it.

In case you already have artworks but would prefer a change, you can get new artworks of the same size with the current picture frames. With this, you can save the cost of buying new frames.

5. Adorn With A Rug

Adorn With A Rug

Changing or adding a rug to a living room without wall painting or furniture replacement can give it an entire new look. Using the furniture set-up will require ensuring all table and chair legs are arranged on the rug. A spacious feel can however be emanated by using a large rug size to cover the main areas in the living room.

6. Upgrade Coffee Table

Upgrade Coffee Table

Coffee table, the center of a living room when upgraded, echoes a refreshing new look. If budget permits, change the coffee table to something more elegant or vintage (depending on your preference and budget). You can also include your favorite books and travel mementos in the table design. Even the addition of a candle and/or flowers can give a whole new view.

7. Consider The Room Lights

Room Lights

The lights in a room determine the kind of vibe and mood you are likely to get into. If you will be doing a lot of reading or thinking in the living room, consider colors like blue. Studies have indicated blue light helps in efficiently performing cognitive tasks. Colors like yellow on the other hand can give a more vibrant feel. Opting for a light color change can be achieved by simply changing table lamps bulbs to desired color.

8. Add Throw Pillows

Add Throw Pillows

If the room feels like it lacks creativity, add some throw pillows to the seats. It is budget-friendly and could create an ambience of creativity as there are various options to consider. The pattern and texture of the pillows can be selected to suit your personality or the season. Also, make sure that they have a comfy feel when rest your head on them.

9. Get Rid Of Boring Wall Clock

Get Rid Of Boring Wall Clock

The fact that wristwatches and smartphones could perform the function of keeping track of time does not eliminate the need for a wall clock. To upgrade a living room, consider big wall clock that speaks both presence and creativity. This means it shouldn’t just be another clock on the wall, but one that makes a statement, artistically.

10. Bring The Bar Home

Install a wine rack, or bar stand with good lighting to bring the bar home. This can be placed at the corner of a living room with stools for guests (depending on your living room size). You can maximize the space by using a bar cart that can hold both the glass cups and the wine/whisky bottles.


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