If you’re interested in beautifying your home, you will want to consider investing in a few accessories. There is an abundance of items that can add to your home’s appearance. However, there is a major difference between using a rug and using a rug effectively. If you use the accessory haphazardly, it will not look great. And, you should not be afraid to extend well beyond the rug spectrum. Combining rugs with other accessories, such as tables, paintings, and wall art, will help to create a complete appearance that will stun anyone that enters your home.

Using Rugs Effectively

First and foremost, you will want to learn how to use rugs effectively. Whether you purchase cheap rugs online or you make the purchase at a local retail store, you will want to make sure you utilize the rug effectively. This will require you to strategize and match the rug with the other items within your home. The rug’s colors will need to match the room’s existing color scheme. At the same time, you should consider the rug’s shape and style. Putting a modern rug in a room with a classic design will be a big mistake. Keep everything harmonious!

Also, remember to use the rug for the purpose intended. It is possible to use a rug for aesthetics, but it can also be used to add warmth and comfort to your home.

Using Rugs And Other Accessories To Beautify Your Home

Wall Art

While your floors are important, you should never ignore the walls. Your home’s walls are some of the first things your guests will see when they enter your home. Thankfully, you will have plenty of options. You can easily decorate your walls with paintings and pictures. Oil paintings are a good way to create a unique appearance, while also capturing the imagination of your guest. However, if you wish to spice things up, you will want to consider adding a rug to your wall. While rugs are designed to decorate the floor, some can be hung effectively on the wall.

Just make sure you utilize the appropriate hardware. Try to avoid glue, as this can cause a great deal of damage to your walls, when you wish to remove the rug.

Window Drapery

Another thing to remember is that you’ll want to maintain the privacy inside of your home. Covering up your windows with drapery is recommended. If you wish to add beautiful drapes to your windows, you’ll want to proceed carefully and make sure the drapes match your other décor items. The curtains will hang close to the floor, so they’ll need to match the rugs perfectly. The drapes will create a beautiful scene inside and outside of the home. The drapes will work in conjunction with your rug to create a stunning look that will mesmerize your guests when they enter your home.

Following Odd Numbers

Many homeowners are under the impression that everything in their home should match perfectly. This may mean utilizing an even number of candles to spruce up a sofa table. This is a huge misconception that can potentially make the home look out of proportions. Instead of choosing an even number of décor items, you should consider utilizing an odd number. If you take the time to look in home fashion magazines, you will immediately notice that the experts always design with odd numbers.

When grouping objects together, it is also best to utilize varying shapes, textures and heights. However, there should still be a little familiarity about them, with a little difference. This will make everything unique, plus this decorating tip works very well in every instance.

Measurement Rules

Most people just eyeball everything, when they are arranging furniture and handing curtains and art. While this works most of the time, it does not work for everything. The best thing you could do, before getting started is to learn the basic measurement rules.

  • Coffee Table – When situating coffee tables in your living room, you need to make sure that there is a 15” space between the sofa and coffee table. Many experts will recommend an 18” space, if there are small children that use the room.
  • Curtains – Designer experts suggest leaving a 1 to 3” overlap on each side of the window, with a 4” height. This will give the window a taller and wider appearance, which is more desirable than a small window.

Implement these tips and you can guarantee your home will look magnificent.

Floral Arrangements

If you want to add life and color to your home, you should consider adding a few floral arrangements. Flowers can be immensely beautiful and they’ll make your home feel alive. House plants and other floral items will give you the ability to breathe easier, while also purifying the air inside of your home. Just be careful with potted plants around your rugs. The water and soil can turn your rug into a mess, if you’re not careful.


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