Pet hair gets everywhere. If you have a cat, dog, or something else fluffy and furry, you are aware of the amount of time it takes trying to get cat hair off of your stuff.

You have a sticky-tape roller for your clothes that works, but what about your home and car?

When friends come over, do you worry that they’re going to sit on your couch and get covered in cat hair? Does your backseat look like the car came with “fur seats” as a feature?

If you’re a pet owner of the fuzzy variety, you need a vacuum specifically for pets. We’ll show you the best ones on the market!

vacuums for pet hair

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

This is a premium pet hair vacuum that is ideal for furniture. The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is extremely efficient in picking up hair and making it seem like Fido was never there.

No longer will you have to get up and grab the sticky-tape roller every time you sit down. The Pet Hair Eraser works wonders.

Another reason to grab this lightweight pet hair vacuum is for guests. Let’s say your mother is in town and you know she’s allergic to cats. By vacuuming up pet hair on the furniture or on the bed she’ll sleep in, it’ll lessen the sniffly nose.

With this pet vacuum, you can feel free to clean up stuff that isn’t only fur. Litter can be a pain, but with the right vacuum, you can clean it up in no time. What’s more annoying than stepping on little surprise rocks on the floor?

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright Vacuum

It’s the same brand as the last one, but it’s a completely different design.

This pet vacuum gives you the choice of using it upright, so it doesn’t only cover furniture and other surfaces. You can vacuum the floor as usual but you can also take care of the cat and dog hair problem of the rest of the house.

bissell cleaner

Even though it is a seemingly regular upright vacuum, it’s lightweight enough to push and pull and the attachments are long enough to use if you’re not super close to the base of the vacuum.

It works great on rug stairs where usual upright vacuums can’t reach. It carefully pulls hair from the stubborn corners in between each stair.

This upright vacuum is a good choice if you rent out a space to guests like AirBnB and offer guests to bring their pets. You know there should be no sign of the last guest’s pet left in the room before the next one shows up. The Bissell will eliminate all of the hair and dander, so you’re ready to invite a new guest into a nice clean rental.

FURminator Vacuum Attachment

The name is awesome and so is the product. The FURminator is an attachment that uses the power of a regular vacuum to efficiently pull up hair.


However, it’s not what you’re thinking. This tool is used to pull hair off of your pet!

Go straight to the source.

Of course, we only recommend this for pets that don’t get nervous around loud machinery. Cats will most likely not go for this. This may be a product specifically only for dogs. For cats, use this FURminator tool that doesn’t use power.

The FURminator can be used on wet and dry coats. It’s a great addition to your hair removing routine and it’s also healthy for their coat because it redistributes the natural oils your pet produces. You can get the FURminator for a discount at Petco.

Black & Decker Dustbuster Pet Vacuum


Black & Decker makes a sturdy lithium powered pet hair vacuum that picks up everything from fur to litter to spilled food. It comes with a “crevice tool” that’s made for getting into those difficult hard-to-reach areas of the home.

It comes with a motorized head with rubber tires to create friction for pet hair to be pulled with.

When you’re done with the cleaning job, easily clean out the vacuum without having to handle the dirt and hair you picked up.

There’s no need to buy batteries. It comes with a battery charger and you don’t have to worry about plugging it in while you use it. No annoying cords!

Not worrying about cords is great because if you need to clean up pet hair from your car, you don’t have to worry about parking next to an outlet. Simply bring your portable hand vac to wherever you car is and start cleaning!

Dyson Animal Vacuum


This pet vacuum has the most unique look of the bunch. The Dyson Animal Vacuum works to remove pet hair from wherever you’re standing.

The long tub make it easy to aim the vacuum wherever, so you can remove cat hair from a shelf that your cat may frequent.

The Dyson vac comes with a docking station where it charges so it’s ready for use the next time you go to grab it.

It’s definitely on the pricer range of vacuums, but it is Dyson!

Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Hand Vac


Need to clean up hair from your cat or dog? Use a shark!

The Shark hand vac is a well-known pet hair removal vacuum.

You don’t have to worry about plugging in a cord for this one. It comes with a rechargeable battery, so you can take it around with you where you need.

This hand vac offers “Twister Cyclonic Technology” which means it will have consistently strong suction while you’re cleaning. Sounds futuristic!

The Shark is a great choice because it’s not only meant for pet hair. Quickly clean up other messes and accidents without worrying about ruining the suction head or motor.

As you can see in the image above, it’s another great choice for vehicles because of the cordless benefit. You can sometimes find this vacuum for a lower price on DealDash, if you’re looking to save some cash.

Hair Be Gone!

Reduce allergy tears, ruined black pants, and every other issue that comes with pet hair by picking up one of these handy tools.

Prices for these tools range, so check out coupon websites to see if there’s a deal on the pet vacuum you’re looking for. The battle against pet hair doesn’t have to break the bank!


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