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Watermark your photos using PicMonkey


It’s suggested that you watermark every single photo you upload, share, or tweet. I have heard horror stories of big companies stealing photos from everyday people like you and me and using them without permission, and profiting, big time. Personally, I don’t want my child’s face plastered onto a billboard, t-shirt or ad without my permission. It’s not secret; watermarks can be removed and often are, but if you take a few extra minutes to watermark your photos, chances are it will deter someone from clicking and stealing your images. So remember, before you upload or share, watermark your photos using PicMonkey.

I use PicMonkey all the time. I can easily add in my watermark, or a text watermark with PicMonkey, and it’s free.

There are only a few steps required to add your very own customized watermark using PicMonkey. I already have a couple of watermarks saved to my computer, so that speeds things up a bit.

Step 1

Visit PicMonkey; it’s FREE. Click Edit Photo, find a photo to edit and click it. Before I add my watermark, I make sure my photos is resized and completely edited. The very last thing I do is watermark. You’re going to want to maneuver to the left column and click the symbols and when you hover over, Overlays will appear. You can refer to the below image if you need it.

Step 2

After you click Overlays, you’ll be taken to a screen that is similar to the one below. Head up to the top and click Your Own. You’re going to do this only if you already have a watermark saved to your computer. Otherwise you might want to click the P for font in Step 1 and add in your own using Add Text. 

Step 3

As soon as you click Your Own, you’ll see a menu pop out. From here, you can find your watermark saved on your computer and upload it. As seen below.

Step 4

From here you can save your photo and that’s it.

My Watermaked Image

I was not compensated by PicMonkey in any way for this post. I simply LOVE PicMonkey and wanted to share a feature that I really enjoy.

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