That’s right, Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you haven’t figured out how to celebrate your dad yet, look no further! While the usual gifts of barbeque grills and tie sets are always appreciated, why not give him something special this year? If you know your dad like the back of your hand, then you probably already have some great gift ideas in mind. But for those who don’t know their dad as well as they thought, here are three special ways to celebrate.

Dad this Father’s Day!

Spend Time With Him

Dad-and-son-Father's Day

While you’re certainly going to want to treat dad with a gift, spending quality time with him is really what makes dad feel special. You don’t have to do anything extravagant; even something as simple as taking dad out for ice cream can show him that he means a lot.

Make sure you look at it from his perspective: One of life’s little frustrations is feeling like we never get enough attention, even from our loved ones. We all need reassurance that we matter sometimes, and that kind of thoughtful consideration makes dads feel good about themselves–it’s one way we make them feel special on Father’s Day and any other day!

Give Him Something He Can Use Every Day

Give him something he can use every day-Father's Day

If your dad loves watches, get one that you know he’ll love with an engraved inside joke between the both of you, his initials, or a sentiment. There are plenty of classic options out there with unique designs that make them stand out. You’ll be giving dad something he can use every day and make him feel special every time he checks the time, which is exactly what you want from a gift.

A new pair of designer sunglasses could also be a great gift that he uses every day. Since Father’s Day lands toward the beginning of summer, it’s a new accessory that he can add to his summer wardrobe and can use every day he spends outdoors enjoying the sunshine.

No matter how popular Apple Pay tends to be, for the most part, dad will always carry his wallet. Getting a wallet you can personalize with engraved initials makes for a great gift since wallets have so much wear and tear from their everyday use. “Wallets are a terrible gift,” said no one ever. It’s one of the most useful gifts anyone can ever receive, not just dads.

Do Something Together

Do something together-Father's Day

This may be a great time to surprise him with a weekend getaway. You could get him something that he can use on that trip and put it in a box with a card that says where you both will be going. For example, if your dad has always dreamed to hike at the Grand Canyon, gifting him an adjustable belt that he can wear on his hike is a perfect small gesture gift for a bigger surprise. Or you can put a pack of golf balls in a gift box and gift him a few rounds at an out-of-town course.

Dads are special people. To make sure that your dad feels especially special on Father’s Day, follow these three steps; surprise him with a simple and heartfelt card, treat him to his favorite meal, and give him a gift of your time. You’ll both walk away from it feeling warm, fuzzy, and one-of-a-kind. And don’t forget to pat yourself on the back too.


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