Nowadays people are working from home more than ever before. If you’ve found yourself wanting more from your home office or you want to surprise your partner with a little office makeover, try these tips to make it more productive and inviting.

1. Consider Lighting & Positioning

Consider Lighting & Positioning

Working in a dark corner could be hampering your mood and efficiency. Consider the lighting you have and the position that your desk is currently in. If there are windows nearby, think about the sunlight you’ll receive during the day. While no one wants to be blinded by the sunlight or strain to see their monitors, that touch of light is critical to brighten your day.

If natural light isn’t an option, use a variety of lights around the room. A brighter light closer to your work can help keep you alert and focused while a warm light filling the room can make it feel cozy.

2. Add Personal Touches


One of the biggest benefits of working from home is that you can transform your office to be as personal as possible. If you’re on video calls, consider a fun background behind your desk! Do you have hobbies that you can display on a bookshelf? Do you have fun art to hang that shows a bit of your personality? Do you have photos of loved ones, pets or adventures that would be a conversation starter? All of these can help coworkers or clients get to know a bit more about you while surrounding yourself with your favorite things.

Consider what’s in front of you as well as what’s behind you. What do you love to look at? Family photos, inspiring art, or photos from your favorite shows can all bring a smile to your face while you work.

3. Look to the Professionals for Inspiration

beautiful home office

Professional office designs are typically done to improve productivity and appearance. Whether you’re looking for a modern office design or one inspired by vintage designs, find a professional office design company and look through their portfolio. You may find desk configurations, design choices, and possibly even furniture that you want to emulate at your home office.

4. Tech Matters


If work provides you with a high-tech set-up with extra monitors, external keyboards, and a mouse, then you are set! If work won’t provide you those extras to make your  workspace more comfortable, think about purchasing some for yourself. It may make that same office space more comfortable when it comes time for personal work.

Try out these tips to improve your home office. Anything that makes the monotony of work better is always a bonus!


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