Do you ever get the wintertime blues? If you’re like most people, a seemingly endless winter with low sunlight can cause major mood disturbances. Sometimes, as in the case of Seasonal Affective Disorder, winter depression can be a life-threatening problem. In most cases, a few healthful tricks can help anyone battle the winter blues.

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When the thermometer Goes Down, Raise Your Spirits

Tired of staring at the same four walls day after winter day? Change them. A home improvement project such as peeling old wallpaper or repainting a bathroom can boost your mood and create a nice new space, too, says SmartAsset magazine.

If the monotone monotony of winter leaves you hungry for color and light, transform your indoor space. Plant seeds in windowsill pots and start a kitchen herb garden. Order a colorful bouquet and have it delivered to yourself. Start planning your springtime garden on paper, and order seeds and seedlings online. This is a great way to anticipate nice spring weather in lieu of feeling bummed-out all winter.

Volunteer Whenever You Can

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The emotional rewards and blissful payoff of volunteering cannot be overstated. Spend a few hours helping out at your local food bank or soup kitchen and you may elevate your mood in a remarkable way. Walk dogs at a local animal shelter or volunteer to read aloud to oldsters in a rest home. It doesn’t matter so much what you do, just help where you can and you may make someone happy while you eliminate your winter blues.

Stay connected with friends and family. Winter can feel like a time to hunker down and live like a hermit, but that’s not especially good for your mood. Instead, host a movie night and invite your funniest friends to join you in a viewing of a classic comedy. A wine-tasting party can be grand fun, too. Offer guests a warm and cozy room to overnight. Keeping your emotional support system intact is one of the best ways to beat the wintertime blahs.

Move around, and you’re sure to boost your mood. Exercise is the ideal way to trigger the release of happiness hormones and endorphins. Take a brisk stroll around the block and have a nice cup of cocoa when you get home. If you belong to a gym, schedule a time between snow storms for a great workout. Make art. If you think you have no talent, download this mandala coloring book app and color ‘til your heart’s content.

Eat Smarter to Feel Better Every Day

Dine on delectable fruit and healthful veggies to improve your mood and contribute to your own sense of well-being, advises Real Simple magazine. Chomp a piece of luscious dark chocolate to give your brain a boost while treating your tongue to something tasty.

Combine music, sun-mimicking light and your favorite music to elevate your mood in a wonderful way. Don’t overheat your home, but do keep it ambient and comfortable to beat the wintertime blues.

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