We all know that planning a wedding can be a very expensive exercise. And by far one of the biggest expenses is the venue. It’s not surprising here down under! So these days it’s becoming more common for couples to have the ceremony and reception all in one location to save costs. If you’re currently searching for wedding reception venues and want to save money that could rather go towards a lavish meal for your guests, here’s how you can save money.

Photo by: Nicolette Gregory via flickr
Photo by: Nicolette Gregory via flickr

1. Have the entire day in one location.

One of the easiest ways to save money is to have the entire wedding – ceremony and reception – in the same location. By doing so you’ll only have to pay one rental fee and won’t need additional transportation to get you and your guests to a second venue. A whole range of amazing wedding reception venues offer full services for ceremonies and receptions and you can spend what you’ve saved on some fine dining for the event.

2. A backyard wedding.

While this might sound dreary, think about it. If you, or someone you know, has a lavish backyard, you could consider hosting your wedding there and put your savings towards top caterers instead.

3. Get married on a week day.

Saturday weddings are the most popular and that means a lot of venues charge more for this busy day. You can easily cut costs on your chosen wedding venue by looking at getting married on alternative days such as a Friday or Sunday.

4. An off-season wedding.

Winter time tends to see a lull in weddings and some wedding reception venues will offer fantastic discounts to couples who are willing to get married during the quieter seasons, or more commonly known as an off-season wedding.

5. Stay away from big city venues.

Ever considered getting married in a smaller city or town? This can save you a substantial amount – even on food, drinks, flowers, DJ and the rest of the wedding reception trimmings. You could even end up saving on wedding night accommodation.

6. Ever considered a university campus?

Many university campuses have function rooms or ballrooms that they will rent out for weddings. They may even be licensed for you to get married outdoors in a scenic setting. Depending on the university, these spaces can be rather affordable, although, they may not offer the intimacy and service of a professional wedding venue.

7. What about an alternative reception?

Chances are a good majority of the weddings you’ve ever attended have been traditional ceremonies and sit-down dinners, right? While there are not hard and fast rules, it seems to just be the norm. There are those venues who will charge less, though, if you’re happy to have your wedding earlier in the day, such as a sit down luncheon or brunch. Or what about a cocktail or dessert affair for something different and memorable that will help cut costs?

8. Consider an all-inclusive destination affair

A destination wedding is likely to cost your wedding guests a substantial amount more, but it can be a great approach for the bride and groom to save on costs and enjoy some fine dining with their savings. A lot of all-inclusive resorts will throw in a few extras, too, depending on how many guests will be attending and staying at the resort.

9. Comparing venues on the internet

There are some great websites available that allow couples to search for wedding venues and compare the prices of each venue that interest you, especially if you’re in Australia – all on one page. So you can search for the best wedding venue Adelaide area and beyond based on style, budget, head count and so much more – you could even search according to caterers to find the perfect meal for your perfect day. These sites make it easy to book appointments to visit the venues too.

There’s no denying the fact that getting married is an expensive affair. If you agree to be more flexible on your wedding reception, you could enjoy some sizable savings and ensure your guests have food, drinks and dancing to remember for a very long time.

Did you find ways to save on your big day?



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