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5 Wedding Tips You Won’t Get From a Bridal Magazine

It’s easy to presume that simply because you have extensively read a lot of the advice out there on the more obvious elements of wedding planning, you know everything you will realistically ever need to know about organizing your nuptials.

Wedding Tips

The truth is that the moment you and your betrothed tie the knot is just one small aspect of your day, and that even the most hardened readers of bridal magazines might not have encountered some of the below crucial advice.

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1.  Have Someone to Guard Your Privacy On the Day

10-12 hours of continual celebrations and being the constant focus of your wedding photographer’s and guests’ cameras can understandably leave you feeling a little frazzled and desperate for a few moments’ break from it all.

It may therefore be a good idea to ‘appoint’ a family member or friend of yours to the specific responsibility of ensuring you are feeling OK on the day and get to enjoy some ‘time out’ from the relentlessly admiring crowds when needed.

2.  Don’t Necessarily Rule Out a ‘Grand’ Wedding Venue

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You may have long dreamed of formalizing your union with your betrothed in the spectacular manicured gardens of a magnificent French chateau, but it’s also easy to dismiss the stereotypical ‘fairytale’ venue on account of it probably being too expensive or impractical an option.

However, with your wedding at least theoretically being a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it is important to take the time to explore all options – even those that may initially appear to be an unrealistic dream. Our own Château Bouffémont, for instance, is conveniently located a mere 20 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport, and can accommodate both intimate and larger weddings.

Make sure your transportation provider has experience with your chosen venue, or you might deal with delays in arrival! With an experienced provider like Port Allen Party Bus, you wont have to worry about your timeliness.

3.  Give Your Service Providers a Very Public ‘Thank You’

Even if you don’t necessarily express your gratitude by way of a speech on the day, there are still many ways you can signal your appreciation of the diligent work of your wedding photographer, videographer, florist, wedding car hire specialist or other product or service provider.

Paradoxically, a firm sign that your wedding has been a triumph is the lack of any obvious drawback or problem, so it can be easy to overlook the role of such service providers in having ensured your wedding day progressed smoothly. At the very least, you should provide them with a warm review via a public platform such as Facebook or Twitter.

4.  Arrange to Have Someone Download the Guests’ Photos

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Given all of the time that your guests will spend snapping away with their digital cameras in the direction of you and your beloved, it would be a shame if all of their efforts were to be effectively wasted. After all, they might beautifully capture certain magic moments that even your professional hired wedding photographer ended up missing.

So, you might ask a trusted friend to approach each camera-equipped guest before the end of the celebrations and request that they permit their images to be downloaded onto a shared laptop. That way, there will hopefully be no wonderful photos missed from such a special day.

5.  Maintain a Shared to-do list On Google Docs

Bridal magazines aren’t always abreast of how today’s technology can assist in taking much of the stress and hassle out of wedding planning.

Even as simple a step as using ‘the cloud’ to set up a to-do list document on Google Docs that everyone can access, can help to ensure every member of your group tasked with organising the wedding knows what has been done, what hasn’t been done and who currently holds certain duties.

Are you ready to make your matrimonial dream come true? If so, you might wish to remind yourself of some of the most easily forgotten wedding details, courtesy of Brides magazine.

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