The vast majority of people research their family history out of a sense of wanting to know where they came from. Most often this isn’t a deep rooted need; it is more of a curiosity about who your ancestors were. After all, each of us has a different history and it is interesting to see how this history has shaped us as people.

family tree research

Professional genealogists help people to research their history; often this helps them to better understand themselves. This can be especially useful if you are going through a difficult period in your life. Let’s take a look at how building a family tree isn’t just useful in satisfying your curiosity; it can also help you understand yourself, and protect your physical health.

How knowing your ancestors helps you to know yourself

Genetically we are linked to those that have gone before in our family. We often have many of the same behavioral traits as our ancestors. If you are experiencing a difficult period in your life it can be really useful to know about events and people in the past that may go some way to explaining the way you feel or act. Many counsellors use this as a tool to help clients deal with their thoughts and actions. If you can see a link between what has gone before and what is happening to you, it can help you come to terms with and deal with your problems.

How your health can benefit from family tree research

Many people assume that others will automatically know about genetic illnesses that run in their family; but this is not necessarily the case. Often the subject may just be avoided, or it may be that a child grows up away from the side of the family which is affected. Obviously, knowing if you are genetically pre-disposed to suffering from an illness can be incredibly helpful. You can make necessary changes to your lifestyle. You can also seek help from medical professionals. In some situations, having this information to hand can be life-saving. You may never have thought about it, but knowing exactly who you are, from a family history point of view, can help protect your health and that of your children.

Your children benefit from your family research, no matter what your reasons are for starting it. We live in a very disposable society which seems to be in constant flux. Having an identifiable link to the past means that today’s kids have something to rely on. As the world about them changes on an almost daily basis, they can see that the existence of their family is a constant. No matter what happens tomorrow the past is always there as an unchanging foundation that supports us. One of the most important aspects of family tree research is that it can provide you with the strength of knowing exactly who you are as an individual, while giving your children the same gift.


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