Child Has Toothache

Whether your child is teething, has a suspected cavity, or has just had their braces removed, toothache can cause plenty of pain and discomfort in little mouths. Until you can take your child to the dentist to hopefully eliminate any possible serious causes, there is a range of different things which you can do to try and find the potential source of the toothache and alleviate the pain. Although most remedies won’t eliminate the cause of the toothache, they can help to relieve the pain and discomfort, allowing your child to get on with their day.

Look for Obstructions

Often, toothache in children can be caused by a simple obstruction. If a food particle has become stuck between the teeth or under the gums, this can cause your child to complain of tooth or gum pain. For example, you might find a corn kernel that has become lodged between two molars and is causing pain and discomfort. In most cases, vigorously brushing your child’s teeth, getting them to swish warm water gently around the mouth or flossing between the teeth will remove any obstructions that are causing the discomfort or pain, getting rid of their toothache. If toothache persists after the obstruction is removed, contact your dentist.


Home Remedies

With some simple home remedies for toothache, your child doesn’t have to go through all the pain and discomfort during the time waiting for an appointment at the dentist or in more serious cases, to see a specialist at a surgery such as this best oral surgeon NYC. Some toothaches respond better to cold temperatures, whilst in other cases pain relief can be provided using warm temperatures. Depending on the type of toothache that your child is experiencing, placing an ice pack wrapped in a cloth on your child’s face and swishing cold water around the mouth can help to relieve the pain. If this doesn’t help, using a warm compress or swishing warm water around the mouth can help. In cases of gum swelling, rinsing the mouth with salt water can also provide some relief.


Eating hard, crunchy foods can often be painful for a child who is suffering from toothache. Because toothache can be so painful, don’t be surprised if your usually hungry child experiences a diminishing appetite. Soft foods are the best to serve your child if they are suffering from toothache in order to make eating less of an uncomfortable and painful experience. Bland foods are often better and more soothing to painful teeth than spicy foods or foods containing ingredients such as garlic and onions. Avoid sugary foods as these can irritate your child’s painful tooth even more. Brushing teeth after eating is also essential, as it removes any food particles from around the affected tooth and prevents the toothache from worsening. A toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth may be the best choice to make in order to help soothe and alleviate the pain of toothache.

Coping with toothache is never nice, no matter what age you are. These tips can help you to ensure that your child suffers as little pain and discomfort as possible if they have a sore tooth.


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