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Workout tips for modern moms

For modern moms, regular workouts are extremely important. Exercise keeps us healthy and centered, and it gives the energy we need to power through our busy lives. Indeed, maintaining a workout regimen can enhance our lives in a number of ways, and it also sets a healthy example for our children and families.

So, with all the benefits to be had by exercise, why do so many women forego physical activity in favor of sedentary lifestyles? For most moms, the challenge lies in finding the time and energy to work out; our hectic schedules and endless responsibilities aren’t always conducive to a healthy lifestyle. What today’s moms need is simple: workouts that provide results in as little time as possible. Thankfully, those workouts do exist. Keep reading to discover workouts that are fun, effective and offer more advantages in less time.

Dance Aerobics

When it comes to cardiovascular exercise, dance aerobics are at the top of their game. Zumba, hip­-hop dance classes and the like are incredibly popular, and offer benefits like the following:


Cycling can be a great way to burn calories and firm the lower body. Check out all the benefits below:

Vinyasa Yoga

Unless you’re familiar with the different styles of yoga, you may think all yoga workouts involve slow stretching and mediation techniques. And while the slower, more restorative workouts are not without benefits, a style called vinyasa yoga can provide a total­ body workout. A few advantages of this style of yoga include calorie burning as well as the building of strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Indeed, vinyasa yoga, which is also called power yoga, can burn hundreds of calories per hour, which warms the body in preparation of deep stretches and meditation. Combined, the benefits of a regular vinyasa practice include a leaner, healthier body, enhanced mental clarity, and an overall sense of calm and well­-being.

Yes, modern moms may face several challenges when it comes to staying healthy and in shape. However, with the right activities, and a little determination, virtually any mom can reach her fitness goals. Good luck, and here’s to getting fit and healthy!

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