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What to do if Your Mattress is Causing You Back Pain

People experience back pains for several reasons. Figuring out where the discomfort is coming from can be somewhat tricky. If you lead a challenging and active life, you might never know what’s causing your back to ache. However, studies from show that the mattress plays a massive role in determining how you wake up feeling in the morning. So, it’s essential to find out if you need to replace your mattress or not!

What Makes a Good-Quality Mattress?

Of course, not all mattresses are similar when it comes to relieving back pain. Generally, there are no specific brands or types that are more superior to others. Here, it depends on your tastes. Even so, there are a few crucial features that you should always look into:

Research even shows that a mattress that is neither soft nor firm can lead to severe back pains in the morning. With that said, let’s now look at the factors you need to consider while replacing your old mattress.

a)  Do You Like a Bed With Bounce?

Innerspring mattresses have a common bouncy effect. Despite this, you can still control its light effect. Its metal coils are fixed anywhere between 12 (which is the firmest and thickest) and 18 (which is the thinnest and most compressible). For heavier folks, I would recommend choosing the thicker gauge’s comfort. Here, coils, are interconnected and last longer.

b)  Do You Want a Firm Base?

Memory foam mattresses are my best pick when it comes to firmness. To measure their quality, always ask for such features:

It’s important also to mention that thickness varies from 2 to 6 inches. This plays a massive part in determining how deep you’re likely to ‘sink.’ When it comes to density, 5 pounds per cubic foot is the best type of mattress while the lesser quality versions are those of 3 pounds per cubic feet or below.

c)  Are You Looking for that Bouncy Feel?

Latex mattresses are just like their memory foam counterparts when it comes to firmness. However, they have more spring back. Natural latex is also resistant to microbes like dust mites or mold. Although they are a bit expensive, they’ll give your back proper support for more than 20 years.

My best selection of latex mattresses include:

d)  You’re Lifestyle Matters!

Choosing a good mattress for your back also depends on other factors not just their construction. The critical lifestyle issue I would like to talk about here is how you sleep. For instance, I love sleeping on my side, and hence I use a mattress with additional pressure relief, and the ability to conform to the shape of my body.

For the rest of you, consider the following:

As I wind up, I would like to stress that there’s only one thing you can do if your mattress is causing you back pains. Just replace it with more improved models! Although you may still add a comfortable mattress topper, it will not serve you for a long time or give you the right coziness. Instead, by buying a brand-new one, you’ll solve your back issues, and enjoy a relaxing night.

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